Monday, August 27, 2012

Bread Box Makeover

I bought this bread box over a year ago and knew it would come in handy for something. (For some reason I have this thing for containers).
Well, after seeing the makeover from "30 Handmade Days" I knew what I wanted to do.
So I had my handy dandy neighbor, Kraig cut a hole in the back.
I painted the top and sides with brown acrylic paint doing a stain like effect using a rag. The front  was painted with an ivory color. I used an acrylic varnish I had to give the brown a slight sheen.
I went to a really great site to get graphic images called, "The Graphics Fairy"
At first I thought I might print it on tissue and put it on the box like a tattoo, but then I decided that I would print on an ivory colored paper and burn the edges to make it destressed. Be careful when burning by burning only a couple inches at one time, blowing out the flame then doing the next few until you get the desired size and edging. I then "painted" it with coffee to make it look old.
 I got out my trusty Mod Podge and glued the paper to the front of my box and after drying, I put two coats of Mod Podge over the top. Here is the result:
My bathroom has only one outlet and my hubby and I fight over it with my hair dryer that is plugged in (it is a hotel style I found at a sale) and his hair cutter. This is a perfect solution! I put a power strip inside and plugged in my hair dryer along with his cutter.
So practical, yet so pretty! Don't you agree?

Next on the list is a painted granite counter!