Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A baby gift

A co-worker at work just had a baby last week. I wanted to share the picture I made for him. I am still working on my canvas picture. One attempt turned into a disaster. I will show when I get the other one I am doing finished. Happy crafting, everyone!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Project

I had a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby, so yesterday I went to see what I could find. They had some Christmas things on clearance at 90% off. I loved the stocking holders that were silver and black monograms. Of course they did not have a "D" but I found an "H" for my mom and an "E" for my principal. I think they will look so cool on a shelf holding up a little family sign or something similar. They were only $1.88 normally 17 bucks!
So I am starting another project I found on Pinterest. I bought some 11 x 14 blank canvas' on sale. I am going to attempt to put a photo on it myself. I have this adorable picture of my grandsons with their monkey hats I bought them. I sent the picture off to be printed at Costco. I will post the pictures of the project and the link where I got the idea after I get started. Off to watch football, Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Obsessed with Pinterest!

I am getting more and more obsessed with Pinterest which has led me to some very creative ladies who blog. I have found sooo many great ideas I want to tackle I am not sure where to start or stop. This week I combined two different ideas to make a sign for a co-worker who raises chickens. I have been buying eggs from her, so when I saw this sign from here: http://girlinair.blogspot.com/2011/08/distressed-farm-sign.html , I decided to make it for her. I found an old board in my dad's garage and used the white paint treatment on it to look old. I decided to use a different technique to put the letters on it that I found from this site: http://www.unexpectedelegance.com/?p=2381  Instead of putting the stars on the board, I decided to trace with mine and paint them on. I used an old wire screwed on the back so she will be able to hang it. I don't think mine looks as good as the original design, but the beauty of it is, it is supposed to look old and rough and it did not cost me anything to make. I am giving it to her on Monday, hope she likes it!  Thank you crafty blogger ladies for the great ideas!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentines Baby!

I don't have young kids to help make Valentines for anymore since my kids have kids of their own. I asked my daughter-in law if I could make my grandson, D.J.'s valentines for his kindergarten party. Here is what I came up with. Since I did not have a current baseball picture of him, we are going with the one without the picture, but I do think the ones with his older baseball picture are cute! I made these with Creative Memories Storybook software. I used the Baseball digital additions papers with a ticket template.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Letter plaque

I love making decorations or pictures with letters. I found these letters and printed them off as 4 x 6 pictures. I framed them with dollar store frames and attached them to part of an old picket fence. I hung it on the wall that separates my kitchen from my family room. Any suggestions on what to put on either side? It looks rather lonely up there. Tomorrow I will show you another letter project I made for Soren, my neighbor's son.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I am in love with Chalkboard Paint!

When I saw ideas on Pinterest about using chalkboard paint, I knew I had to get some. I am going crazy with a paintbrush, just ask my hubby. I had some old Christmas trays that I no longer used. They were metal so I decided that if I painted them with chalkboard paint they could serve as a message board with magnets.
Here is how they turned out. I gave each as gifts. The round tray was a gift for the girl who now cuts my hair and opened up her own salon in her new home.  The magnets on the round tray are ones that I made and will share on a later post. The other tray is for our neighbors boy 4th birthday. I gave him magnetic ABC's and a pack of chalk. I used the magnet letters and traced around them, then painted his name on the bottom of the tray with acrylic paint. I also made him a name plaque for his room that I will show on another day. Happy painting! Here is a link to a blog I follow: Tip Junkie handmade projects

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Giani Countertop Paint

I needed to do something to my kitchen counter a few years ago. I saw a commercial for the Giani Granite countertop paint and thought I would give it a shot. It was worth it. I have had it for I guess over two years and it has held up well. I also painted my pantry cabinet top that I posted yesterday and my bath vanity. I also did my daughter's vanitys in her house and my mom's kitchen counter. Check out the before and after pics above and the Giani site:  http://gianigranite.com/indexcountertoppaint.html

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pantry part 2

So after posting that picture of my pantry, I decided to do one of the hundreds of ideas that I have pinned on "Pinterest" Love that site, I am addicted. I made chalkboards on the inside of the pantry doors to write down the grocery list. It turned out fabulous, don't you think?

My Home

 I know that I named this blog "Digital" But I want to show some of my other things I did or decorated around my home. This pic is my pantry redo. When we first moved in, the pantry had  2 six panel sliding doors. and shelves that went down to almost three feet from the floor. I took off the doors and removed  two of the shelves. My dad made the cabinet doors. I lost a few shelves. but get much more storage from the cabinet that I bought and inserted into the space. I bought the metal chefs at a dollar stores and used telephone wire staples to attach to the doors.  I used Giani granite countertop paint to paint the top of the cabinet. (I also used the paint on my kitchen counter and bath vanity which I will show later.)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here I am!

I am going to try and attempt to use a blog to display some of the things that I enjoy making. Since this is my first time ever trying to blog, bear with me. Constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. Hope to have stuff to add soon!