Monday, August 11, 2014

It "Changed"!

Don't you love garage sales? I try to limit myself stopping at them because I will always find something that I want to drag home. I couldn't help myself when I stopped at a friends sale and saw this baby changing table:
She wanted $20. I offered her $10, but she said that she was having another sale the next weekend and if it doesn't sell I could have it. Well, you guessed it, she called and told me it was all mine! I knew right away it would make a perfect beverage/serving cart for down by my Tiki Bar.
First thing I did was cut the front sections on the top and bottom. I decided to leave the one in the middle:
I wanted to find some cute bright contact paper to cover the shelves, but did not see what I was looking for. I found this dry erase contact paper and decided it would do the trick:
I went to my stash of paint and found some blue, yellow and red. I mixed the yellow and red to make an orange and ended up buying a small can of light green for the leg pieces. I started painting the top blue. Several coats and it looked fine. When I went to paint the light green, I found I was having trouble covering the wood. So I decided to go ahead and prime the rest of the table:

I used yellow for the middle and the mixed color orange for the bottom. Here is my finished beverage cart. It will be perfect for our next pool party, don't you think?

So the next time you are at a garage sale, don't look at what an item is, but what it could be. Happy hunting!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

On a Roll!

The Mason Jar lights gave me inspiration to make another project. This took no time at all. I used an old handsoap pump that I was not using:

I punched a hole in the lid, slid the pump on it and used a hose washer to keep it steady:

Put it together with the jar, added soap  from dollar store bottles and presto!

It really does not look as blue as in the last picture. Here it is a bit farther away. I love the added functional decoration!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bathroom light update.

My master bath is still a work in progress. I did add a couple of new items from last year. I made the canvas on the wall and bought the desktop for 5 bucks at a garage sale, painted the drawers to match the room. I think it adds a little punch to my vanity.

Here is my latest project. I can't take credit for the idea itself, I found it on Pinterest. I took these mason jars I bought last year:
I used a screwdriver and hammer to poke a hole in the lid as so:

It will be a new fixture on this light:
Here is a close up of how the lid went on:
I only did one to make sure it would stay up and that I liked it. I kept this one up for around a month:

This past weekend I did the other two. I painted the lids to match the light fixture and glued them with Ev6000 heavy duty glue. The light bulb holds them up too so no worries of them falling.

I love it! :

Hopefully we get new flooring and shower door soon, and my master bath will be finished!