Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY Weekend

Love when I have a long weekend to get some projects finished. I was able to make 3 canvases and some curtains for the bathroom which I will post later. This project was an afterthought today. It was pretty quick and easy to do. As I said before, I am in the process of working on my master bath. I had this old chair that I bought at a garage sale years ago. It was originally a maple color and I used the crackle paint technique on it and the vanity that I had since I was a little girl. It looked fine when the bath was yellow, green and blue but I figured I would be covering the seat sometime since I painted the room in the brown with turquoise accessories.
 I taped the edges. I first used some gesso paint to give it a nice surface to paint:
I got busy outside with the grandkids at the pool and forgot to take the next few pics, but I then painted the seat with a nice ivory paint and used brown to paint the piping on the edge. I then went to my new favorite blog site for graphics and grabbed this one from "The Graphics Fairy?" 
I used my scapbook software to reverse the image. I printed it on freezer paper. I got the instructions for this at this blog site:
I carefully put it on like she said by getting my surface wet, but it just smeared, so I wiped  the graphic off the freezer paper and tried again without wetting my chair. It went on still a little blurry, but I want it to look old anyway. After everything dried I used a waterbase acrylic varnish to give it a protective coat. Here is my finished product:

I really like it and think it goes well with my bread box graphic project I did a few weeks ago. I figure if it does not hold up, I can always go back to my original plan and recover the chair!

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