Sunday, August 19, 2012


I babysit my grandsons quite a bit. When they come over they bring their Ipad.

 It makes me nervous because they just carry it in just as it is. So I decided they needed an Ipad case to hold and protect it. I started with duct tape and cardboard:
Then I measured the cardboard so to be just a bit larger than the Ipad.
I needed something to give it some padding so I found bubble wrap!

I cut and taped it to the inside of the cardboard.
Then I cut strips and added them to the inside and outside.
Here is the inside view:
I made and taped tabs on each side:

For the handle I used a shoestring and covered it with duct tape:

It needed a closure on top, so I grabbed some velcro and put it on front

Had I decided on a closure ahead of time I would have put on the back strap before I covered the cardboard with the tape, but it is still okay. I think it turned out fine.

 And Cole seems to like it!


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