Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tailgate Table Time (with apologies to my Georgia friends and family)

So we have always been Mizzou and Georgia football fans. My daughter, her husband all live in Athens, home of the Georgia Bulldogs. She frequently has bought us Georgia apparel. Now Mizzou and Georgia are in the same SEC division. While this is exciting, it puts me in the middle. Now I am a Mizzou fan, but I do have a small spot in my heart for my daughters home team, Anyway, today is the BIG MIZZOU/Georgia game and we have tickets! We will be leaving to go up to Columbia in an hour. I was getting tailgating supplies together and realized we never have a table to just set our drinks or dips on. So I grabbed this old TV tray I have had and decided I should paint it.

 Got out some old black spray paint
Found me a nice pic
Then I used my trusty ModPodge and glued it to the tray and put two coats over it.
I sprayed it with two coats of poly:
Looks good!
Well, gotta go! Off to Columbia. GO TIGERS!

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