Saturday, January 21, 2012

Obsessed with Pinterest!

I am getting more and more obsessed with Pinterest which has led me to some very creative ladies who blog. I have found sooo many great ideas I want to tackle I am not sure where to start or stop. This week I combined two different ideas to make a sign for a co-worker who raises chickens. I have been buying eggs from her, so when I saw this sign from here: , I decided to make it for her. I found an old board in my dad's garage and used the white paint treatment on it to look old. I decided to use a different technique to put the letters on it that I found from this site:  Instead of putting the stars on the board, I decided to trace with mine and paint them on. I used an old wire screwed on the back so she will be able to hang it. I don't think mine looks as good as the original design, but the beauty of it is, it is supposed to look old and rough and it did not cost me anything to make. I am giving it to her on Monday, hope she likes it!  Thank you crafty blogger ladies for the great ideas!

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