Monday, March 24, 2014

Bathroom light update.

My master bath is still a work in progress. I did add a couple of new items from last year. I made the canvas on the wall and bought the desktop for 5 bucks at a garage sale, painted the drawers to match the room. I think it adds a little punch to my vanity.

Here is my latest project. I can't take credit for the idea itself, I found it on Pinterest. I took these mason jars I bought last year:
I used a screwdriver and hammer to poke a hole in the lid as so:

It will be a new fixture on this light:
Here is a close up of how the lid went on:
I only did one to make sure it would stay up and that I liked it. I kept this one up for around a month:

This past weekend I did the other two. I painted the lids to match the light fixture and glued them with Ev6000 heavy duty glue. The light bulb holds them up too so no worries of them falling.

I love it! :

Hopefully we get new flooring and shower door soon, and my master bath will be finished!

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