Saturday, February 4, 2012

Canvas project the good the bad and the ugly!

I love all of the canvas projects I have been seeing on Pinterest. I wanted attempt to make one myself. There are several different ideas that I saw. I had a picture that I had taken of  my grandsons with their monkey hats that I wanted to make a canvas picture

I used my scrapbook software to jazz it up a bit and I decided to try the one I saw on this blog:
 It did not quite turn out as well as hers turned out as you can see by my picture. I realized after I started doing the rub, that I did not put enough mod podge on it (which by the way, I made myself!)

So I tried this idea that I found on this site:

                                                       I love the way it turned out! 


  1. Cherryl, you did a great job on this. Love it!

  2. love it Cherryl! question please, you don't actually apply the modge podge to the front of the photo? If you used a page print from CM, would you even need to? cause I think you can dust them can't you?

  3. I did apply mod podge to the front. I had my picture printed at Costco though. The mod podge gives it a nice satiny type sheen.